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What is Vanadium?

Vanadium is mainly used as an alloy metal to make strong and corrosion-resistant steel, which is very suitable for structures such as nuclear reactors. Unlike ordinary stainless steel, it does not absorb neutrons or “stretch” due to heat and stress, so vanadium is an ideal choice for building nuclear reactors. Some compounds of vanadium, especially oxides, are used as Chemicalbook catalysts in chemical industry to accelerate organic chemical reactions. React. Yellow brown vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) is used as a catalyst to promote the production of sulfuric acid by contact method. Vanadium pentoxide is also used as photographic developer to dye textiles and to produce synthetic rubber. When used in combination with glass, it can be used as a filter to resist ultraviolet rays in sunlight

Additives for fast neutron reactor cladding materials, superconducting materials and special alloys

Vanadium used in agriculture belongs to the category of beneficial elements which is not necessary but beneficial to plant growth. It is a very useful nutrient for green algae, but the exact amount of vanadium needed for the growth of higher plants has not yet been determined. Vanadium can replace molybdenum by microorganisms such as nitrogen-fixing bacteria and rhizobia under nitrogen fixation. In asparagus, rice, lettuce, barley and Chemicalbook corn, the growth caused by vanadium increased. It has also been speculated that vanadium may play a role in biological redox reaction. In the absence of molybdenum, vanadium stimulates the growth and nitrogenase activity of ANABAENA. Low concentration of vanadium is beneficial to the best growth of microorganisms and higher plants. Generally, the concentration of vanadium in plants is about 1ppm.

Vanadium for medical use is an essential trace element in human body. The content of vanadium in human body is about 25mg. The main form of vanadium is VO-3, that is, metavanadate, under the condition of pH4~8 of body fluid. The other is +5 valence oxidized form VO4-3, i.e. orthovanadate. Because of the similar biological effects, vanadate (Va) generally refers to these two +5-valent oxidation ions. VO-3 enters cells freely through ion transport system, and is reduced to VO2+(+4 valence oxidation state) by reduced glutathione in cells, namely vanadyl ion. Because phosphoric acid and Mg2+Chemicalbook ions exist widely in cells, VO-3 is similar in structure to phosphoric acid, and VO2+ and Mg2+ have the same size (ion radius is 160pm and 165pm respectively), so they may interfere with the biochemical reaction process of cells by competing with phosphoric acid and Mg2+ for binding ligands. For example, it can inhibit ATP phosphate hydrolase, ribozyme phosphofructokinase, glyceraldehyde phosphate kinase, 6- phosphoglucosaccharase and phosphotyrosine protein kinase. Therefore, vanadium has a wide range of biological effects after entering cells. Vanadium compounds have the advantages of relatively easy synthesis and low price. Therefore, studying the depressurization mechanism of vanadium compounds is beneficial to the development and utilization of vanadium.

Industrial use Adding a few percent vanadium to steel can greatly increase the elasticity and strength of steel, and has excellent wear and burst resistance, which can resist both high temperature and strange cold. No wonder vanadium can be found everywhere in automobile, aviation, railway, electronic technology, national defense industry and other departments. In addition, vanadium oxide has become one of the best catalysts in chemical industry, which is called “chemical bread”. Mainly used for manufacturing high-speed cutting steel and other alloy steels and catalysts. Vanadium steel can be made by adding vanadium into steel. Vanadium steel is more compact than ordinary steel structure, and has higher toughness, elasticity and mechanical strength. Vanadium steel penetrator, which can penetrate 40 cm thick steel plate. However, in the iron and steel industry, instead of adding pure metallic vanadium into steel to make vanadium steel, the vanadium steel is directly made from the vanadium-containing iron ore of Chemicalbook. Vanadium has many excellent physical and chemical properties, so it is widely used as a metal “vitamin”. Most of the original vanadium was used in steel. By refining the structure and grain of steel and increasing the grain coarsening temperature, the strength, toughness and wear resistance of steel were increased. Later, people gradually discovered the excellent improvement of vanadium in titanium alloy, and applied it to the aerospace field, which made the aerospace industry make a breakthrough. With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings are increasingly demanding new materials. Vanadium is widely used in non-steel fields, covering many fields such as aerospace, chemistry, battery, pigment, glass, optics, medicine and so on.

What is the price of Vanadium?

The Vanadium price is different basis on different package weight, inquiry with us for detail quote. 

How to buy Vanadium from us?

1. Consult: We will check the chemical inventory. If it is a customized product, we send it to our R&D team to check the raw material price and synthesis route. 

2. Quotation: We will provide you with a detailed quotation based on the quantity and purity of the consulted chemicals.

3. Process Evaluation: Both sides carefully evaluate and discuss all the details of the order (appearance, purity, testing methods and business terms) to eliminate any misunderstandings.

4. Placing Order: If you have no doubt, we will send you the PI (Proforma Invoice), and then we will sign a contract with you.

5. Production: We will arrange the procurement and production of raw materials as soon as possible after receiving your signed sales contract and deposit money. 

6. Quality Control: For customized products, we will first produce small samples, and then use HPLC, NMR or GC to detect it. After sample meeting the product quality requirements, we will begin to the mass production. After the mass production is completed, we will use HPLC, NMR or GC to detect again. 

7. Delivery: After the mass production is completed, we will send the product information to the buyer, and we will arrange the delivery according to the terms in the contract.

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