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  • Are you looking for bulk quantities of fine chemical, Pharmaceutical Intermediates?
  • Maybe you need a lab to test your idea?
  • Perhaps you require a china fine chemical supplier for your bulk production?
  • Or are you looking to design your own molecule from scratch?

If you do – then the Anbu Chem Custom Chemical Synthesis team may be able to help. With our own manufacturing facility, we offer high quality, rapid and cost-effective custom chemistry services for pharmaceutical intermediates, chemistry and life-science related industries.

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A 3-Step Solution for Custom Chemical Synthesis

A customer usually provides literature methods or their designed synthesis route, which specifies information (reaction time, temperature, catalyst, desired purity). The more detailed the information, the higher the efficiency and the lower the price. Our research group evaluates the synthesis to see if it can be improved. It usually takes a week to do this. Once ensured, we will provide you with detailed information about the cost, delivery time, packaging etc. All of these procedures also apply to contract manufacturing outsourcing. You also can do the below process…


  • Synthetic routes inquiry
  • Time frame arrange
  • Quote price
  • Confidentiality
  • Regular updates


  • Discussing progression
  • Troubleshooting
  • Timeframe progression
  • Laboratory support
  • Product development

QA & Delivery

  • State of the art QA services
  • Purity by HPLC
  • MSDS, CoFA, spectral data
  • Custom packaging

Why Choose Us for Your Custom Chemical Synthesis Services

Anbu Chem is based in purpose built own labs in China and with decades of chemical synthetic and manufacturing chemistry expertise, we know what we are doing! We have a wealth of experience working in the synthetic chemistry field – including commercial settings (such as Tocris Bioscience, Abcam and GE Healthcare), the pharmaceutical industry and academia. As such we offer…  

  • Chemical research & development
  • Analytical and purification services
  • Synthesis Contract- Once our chemists are ensured that the synthesis route workable at our company, we will sign a synthesis contract
  • We will keep the secrecy of all the info provided by our customers. A confidentiality agreement will be signed once the cooperation relationship is built.
  • Superior communication – Our sales team will reach out to you upon your request within 24 hours.
  • 10+ years expertise in custom synthesis export
  • 350,000+ research products
  • 22,000+ product citations
  • 21,000+ stable labelled compounds
custom chemical synthesis services

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Custom Chemical Synthesis: An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Many people worldwide depend on products for their livelihood. Hence, the chemical industry is at its peak with several manufacturing companies on board. And as a manufacturing company, you need the right chemicals to develop quality products. Thus, there is the need for custom chemical synthesis.

Table of Contents

What is Custom Chemical Synthesis?

Custom chemical synthesis means the development of specific complex chemicals from simpler ones according to a client’s request. In basic, it refers to a process whereby chemists obtain several important daily life substances. And it applies to different types of chemical molecules. However, most of the syntheses include organic molecules.

Chemists can synthesize chemical compounds that occur naturally to understand more about their structures. However, chemical synthesis also can enable chemists to develop compounds that don’t exist naturally for research.

We use custom chemical synthesis in different industries to develop additional products in large quantities. In particular, chemical compounds include atoms with other elements. And chemical bonds join the ingredients together.

A custom chemical synthesis always requires breaking down the existing bonds while forming new ones. Moreover, synthesizing a complex molecule can involve many different reactions. 

The reactions appear in the sequence of already available material to the projected quality end product.

A client can order a particular molecule which the chemist can synthesis upon your request on a scale. Besides, the chemists follow the methods and specifications determined by the client for a pure chemical.

When planning the process of custom chemical synthesis, chemists always project the final product. As a result, they work backward to increase simpler compounds. Nonetheless, chemists can quickly establish different synthetic routes with most of the compounds.

Custom chemical synthesis focuses on finding reactions that affect just a molecule section. As a result, it leaves the rest unchanged. However, another goal aims at producing high yields of the projected product in the shortest time possible.

Quite often, the reactions in a specific synthesis compete. Thus, it reduces the yield of the desired product. In addition, the competition of the responses may lead to the development of by-products. As a result, you can hardly remove it from the main product.

Specific industrial syntheses can embrace the formation of by-products. However, the derivatives should have a practical commercial implication. For example, we have Diethyl ether, a product derived from a large-scale ethanol synthesis from ethylene. In truth, the alcohol produced and ether are pretty valuable commercially. Moreover, you can quickly separate the two products.

As mentioned, a custom synthesis involves a reaction. And, but not always, it requires at least two non-identical substances. For example, specific molecules transform into others when you apply heat. However, others can react when exposed to radiation like electric current or ultraviolet light.

The interaction of two or several non-identical substances means they should come close to each other. And chemists carry out the syntheses with compounds and elements in their gaseous and liquid states.

When the reactants appear in volatile solids, chemists carry out the reactions in solution.

How Much Does the Custom Chemical Synthesis Cost and the Contract Options?

A custom chemical synthesis service’s total cost may vary substantially from one project to another. And, it doesn’t just reflect the difference in price for the materials of conceptualizing the process and the steps. But, it might involve the R&D intensities, profile risks, and purity requirements. Also, it may include documentation, safety, and analytical specifications.

In addition, we have a massive difference in the conditions applied when doing different types of custom synthesis. In truth, the syntheses vary from small-scale new molecules to those used on several standard tons per year manufacturing.

Before the provider starts the process, they form a synthetic procedure towards a client’s molecule. As a result, the final cost may therefore depend on factors like:

  • The number of steps involved.
  • The price of starting materials and the reagents required.
  • Analytical investigations.
  • The needed documentation.
  • Unique client-specific needs.
  • Scale and purity.

Nonetheless, a client should know that first-time novel molecules syntheses don’t resemble the supply chain or catalog compounds. Consequently, simple, reproducible, and well-documented syntheses of quality chemicals may cost cheaper. However, first-time and multi-step syntheses are a bit costly.

Also, the contract model may affect the price of the compound requested by a client. Therefore, you should know the various methods and their effect on the cost of custom chemical synthesis.

Should You Pay A Specific Amount of Custom Chemical Synthesis in Advance?

Although you might incur the evaluation of most requests, some providers don’t charge an advance fee for the chemical assessment. That implies it exists as part of the service of the synthesis company.

When it comes to quotations of the custom chemical synthesis process, most companies do not charge any fee. Consequently, an experienced Ph.D. chemist may carry out the costs of synthesis risk evaluation, route scouting, and chemicals. And, the chemist may take advantage of the software tools and the proprietary internal processes.

The quotation that the synthesis experts issue may show:

  • The chemical costs.
  • Lead time.
  • Risk evaluation.
  • Working hours.
  • The documentation depth.

However, the offer preparation looks pretty complex. Therefore, it can take between three to four days with complex projects. And a company may provide a “Fee for Results” as contract options offer, including risky projects. 

A company may carry out an entire chemical synthesis process at its own expense. That means the company can charge once the client acknowledges delivering the exact compound. Moreover, the client approves that the mixture has the requested parameters.

Which Information Should You Have When Requesting for Custom Chemical Synthesis Quote?

When a client requests the custom chemical synthesis quote, it remains critical that you provide the much-needed information. Therefore, you can offer all the valuable information available for the chemists to understand your desired customization of the chemicals.

Nonetheless, a synthesis company may roughly need such like information:

  • The amount.
  • A target structure.
  • Chemical purity, for example, 95%, 98%, etc.
  • Optical purity (de, ee) if possible.
  • Analytical options to prove identity and purity. For example, 1H/13C-NMR, MS, SEC, HPLC, EA, etc.
  • Special needs based on the documentation or reporting.

If you are unsure about numbers, you can always provide an acceptable range. However, if you feel not conversant with the data you should request, a company can help you to set the numbers.

What is a Custom Synthesis Company?

A custom synthesis company refers to a chemical company that can offer custom synthesis for specific chemicals. For example, it can provide custom synthesis of organic molecules for various applications like:

  • Biotech applications.
  • Pharmaceutical applications.

A custom synthesis company can design and synthesis the following:

  • Chemical reagents.
  • Building blocks.
  • Organic electronic materials.
  • Catalysts and ligands.
  • Chemical standards or solutions.
  • Drug-like or lead-like compounds.
  • Chemical service. For example, special packaging, reaction screening, etc.
  • Polymers.

In custom synthesis, a company may design a molecule according to the scale of a client. But, in addition, the company remains custom because of its dedication to the clients. And, the whole chemical synthesis process happens under the confidentiality agreement of a client and the company as a whole.

A custom synthesis company may accept a custom chemical synthesis of as low as milligrams. But, moreover, it can go to a high of 1 000 kilos or even more. And when it goes beyond 10 kilos, we call it contract manufacturing.

In most cases, a client defines the quality and quantity needed. Moreover, you may give a process or recipe for the custom chemical synthesis as a client. Alternatively, a company may design a suitable route for the synthetic process. 

What Is Chemical Synthesis Used for?

In general, chemists use chemical synthesis to develop natural compounds to understand their structures better. Also, chemists do chemical synthesis to generate compounds that don’t form naturally for research.

We use chemical synthesis to produce products in massive amounts in various industries.

Companies worldwide increase their credibility because of manufacturing quality and innovative products. And the driving force to it includes Research and Development (R&D), which directly impacts business results. Moreover, an improved product can guarantee a competitive edge to the industry.

Therefore, custom chemical synthesis may help in coming up with new molecules. In essence, the new molecules may assist in developing innovative products and materials. Thus, a custom chemical synthesis that aims at increased befitting macromolecules plays an essential role in innovation.

What is Custom Chemical Synthesis Design?

Custom chemical synthesis design refers to a process of developing reaction routes. And it may include several chemical reactions.

In designing chemical synthesis, chemists identify the reagents needed and the reaction conditions. In principle, it helps increase the purity and yield of the product.

When comparing the stoichiometric with actual quantities, you find the yield chemical synthesis reaction.

Chemists can apply the green chemical principle in designing a chemical synthesis design. In essence, it requires renewable materials and helps limit the use of harmful solvents. Also, it helps in minimizing the number of unnecessary products.

With organic molecules like polymers, you can synthesize using different condensation reactions. Moreover, with fuels like ethanol, hydrogen, and biodiesel, you can synthesize them from organic or inorganic substances. First, however, you’ll use several reactions such as oxidation, esterification, etc.

In a nutshell, designing custom chemical synthesis means the ability of chemists to develop functional macromolecules from scratch. Moreover, the chemists conceptualize specific applications on the most relevant and valuable molecules (micro). However, the process may take a long but is pretty innovative. In principle, it can lead to the production of a new molecule according to a client’s request.

What Are The Diversified Types of Custom Chemical Synthesis?

Custom chemical synthesis may comprise two primary types; organic synthesis and inorganic synthesis.

Organic custom chemical synthesis refers to a type of synthesis that deals with organic compounds. When ultimately synthesizing complex products, chemists follow several processes in sequence. Therefore, they can synthesize your desired product that may require a lot of time.

Organic synthesis skills are usually prized among chemists. Moreover, synthesizing the most valuable or complex substances has made chemists like Robert Burns Woodward win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

We call it a purely synthetic process when you begin a custom chemical synthesis with essential laboratory compounds. In essence, it starts with a product derived from animals or plants and goes to new combinations. And we call such a synthesis a semisynthetic process.

Chemists usually apply inorganic and organometallic synthesis when preparing compounds that have significant non-organic features. The preparation of Cisplatin, a cancer drug from potassium tetrachloroplatinate, provides an illustrative example.

We have had numerous techniques developed to separate chemical synthesis products and by-products. However, such methods may require a phase change. 

For instance, a synthetic reaction product may not liquefy in a specific solvent, unlike the starting materials. In such a case, the product precipitates out in a solid form which you can isolate from the blend through filtration.

However, if the products and starting materials are volatile, you can isolate them through distillation.

Specific custom chemical syntheses work well with automated techniques. For example, Automatic Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) remains widely applied in producing particular protein sequences.

What do Clients Expect from Custom Chemical Synthesis Providers?

We have primary requirements clients expect from chemical synthesis providers. For example, clients may expect speed and reliability as two main requirements. Moreover, we have other needs like flexibility and excellent technical ability.

A savvy client understands that a provider may experience some problems when scaling up things. However, a good chemist should have the ability to overcome such difficulties and present the best results. Thus, you need a powerful technical company for quality custom chemical analysis.

A trusted company should deliver on something that seems quite complex. Thus, dealing with complex chemical syntheses successfully gives a company a double-edged sword. Moreover, it earns a customer more trust in seeking their services.

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